So what is NutSEx™ ?  Glad you asked :).  The site contains articles, opinions, insights, that deal with Nutrition, Supplements and Exercise as they relate to Living Young.

Notice the order.  The most important element of this tripod is proper nutrition.  Food is not just a fuel, it provides the building blocks, the raw materials, which build and renew our bodies.

Next to food, are supplements. Why?  Because it is exceedingly difficult to get all micro-nutrients, vitamins, and other essential natural compounds from food alone.  Supplements are not substitutes.  No amount of supplementation will help your body if the proper nutrition is not there to start with.

Then there is exercise.  Physical exercise helps to strengthen our body and to keep it functioning at peak performance.  It improves circulation.  It improves your mood.  And yes, exercise can make you smarter :).