NADH Diary – Week One

January 5, 2014 – Sunday


I got my NADH capsules yesterday.  These are the NOW brand.  The specifics of the content are:

  • 10 mg NADH
  • 200 mg ribbose

I took one capsule early in the afternoon.  I was feeling a bit bleh.  As by coincidence, I started feeling a lot better.  Anyway, the real test started today, Jan 5th.  I took a capsule first thing in the morning, and again middle afternoon, for a total of 20 mg.

Went for a 2 mile run in the morning.  I had my usual steak for breakfast with a half banana.  Lunch was some Chinese food, chicken and beef.  I am mentally fully engaged .. nice.  Interestingly, I have not had food cravings since lunch.  And yep I do consume my wine :).  But that does not explain it.  Normally I would be raiding the fridge in the late afternoon – evening.

January 6, 2014 – Monday

Capsule upon waking up.  I was more “awake” than usual after a night’s sleep.  The day went fine, and I felt great.  So much so that come afternoon, I had no desire to take the second capsule.  Stayed up later than usual, and was still energetic.  Went to bed and fell asleep without problems.

January 7, 2014 – Tuesday

Capsule in the morning.  Another in the afternoon.  Very alert.. not withstanding a lot of activity :).

January 8 & 9 – Wednesday & Thursday

Two capsules on the 8th, one on the 9th.  The effect is real.  Not sure yet how to describe it.  Interestingly, my stomach bloating I sometimes suffer from, is practically eliminated.  And no, I do not eat better.  In fact, starting tomorrow, I will make a conscious effort to get my “diet” back under control.  However, eating bad, as I have done the last few days, did not upset my system.  Dangerous .. lol.

January 10 & 11 – Friday & Saturday

Started doing the capsule as I wake up, and capsule at noon.  Energy levels remain good.  Been doing morning runs as weather permits .. yep I do not like cold.

Week One Preliminary Conclusion

This is the first supplement I have taken that yields an almost instantaneous effect.  I keep studying the mechanisms, etc.  Also the NOW brand I selected, contains 200mg of ribose.  Ribose by itself is an energy enhancer.  But a 200mg dose is a lot less than what is typically tried and tested for medical conditions.  Also, I have some questions about the actual NADH content of the PANMOL-NADH which is part of the supplement.

So what is next.  I am too pleased with the results, to stop taking this supplement.  I will try to provide periodic, i.e. monthly, updates.  I would also like to invite anyone who has experience with NADH supplements to comment and start a conversation.  I will experiment with opening the capsule and taking it sublingually.

Good Health and Live Young


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